We have lots of "black money" in the form of bank accounts, credit cards, paypal accounts, bitcoin wallets, etc... And we need to get rid of it...


Our customers ask us how to cash out their bank accounts, credit cards, paypal accounts, etc... And we try to explain to them how to safely cash out without raising suspicion from LE. Unfortunately, many of our customers either did not understand how to do it, ended up being caught, or sometimes bailed on their wallets altogether... So now we are stuck and won't able to get rid of all the "material" on our own.


We need to get rid of this money by sending out to as many bitcoin addresses as we can.




You make the payment YOU WANT to this address: 1KyvNSjZr6A53Uk68jT28o867hyYPKK5vy

and we double it for you! No transaction fees necessary.


Imagine you pay 0.05 BTC, you will be paid back 0.1 BTC!

0.3 BTC? You will be paid 0.6 BTC!

0.7 BTC? You will be paid 1.4 BTC!




-Hmmmm... that sounds stupid to me... if you need to cash out your accounts why you don’t just keep the money instead of sending it to other people?


You are right except for one thing. Cashing out these accounts costs us money... We can’t cash out these accounts until we are sure someone wants it, and they pay for it. We use your money to cash out the accounts and to make it worth your time we pay you back double! It doesn't make sense to send free money to random bitcoin wallets and end up in debt, so WE NEED YOU.


We have a shit load of accounts with different balances so we'll be around for a while until we clean up... The only thing we have is a minimum payment of 0.05 BTC because that's the average price to cash out the accounts. If you want more than 3 BTC please send us an email to make sure we have the funds ready to pay you back.




Just send us an e-mail to


IMPORTANT: When you make the payment, send us an e-mail to with your bitcoin wallet address and the amount you transferred. You can specify multiple wallets for us to dump money into if you want to spread out the payouts. Please give us 24 hours to pay you back... We have a high volume of requests and cashing out our accounts can take time...